Here is some first hand feedback from our customers…
“Almost all my menopause symptoms are gone after a few months on the collagen! I only get hot flushes now when I drink alcohol, then it’s my own fault! Lol” JB
and here is another…
Hi Sally, FYI…had been taking your Pure Hydrolysed Collagen to assist with my arthritis for 4 months and naturally my pain subsided. But what transpired was the best and most unexpected thing. My menopausal hot flushes disappeared as well. At first I didn’t tie the two together but I had a bad month financially and couldn’t get my collagen and that’s when the hot flushes returned!! Perhaps coincidence? I think not! I have had hot flushes for over 5 years and nothing has helped before this. The fact that they have reappeared after stopping the collagen is what was so interesting. I’m back on the collagen now and will see if the flushes stop again. Hold thumbs!!” KL
and another…
I have to say I started only this week with your pure collagen and already I noticed a significant difference in the frequency and severity of my hot flashes. Ursula D
You will find our pure hydrolysed collagen here…/sally-ann-creed-collagen-pro…/
Keeping your digestive system working well is another key to good health not only in menopause but throughout your life. Eat organic vegetables where you can, pasture-fed meats and chickens, eggs from pasture-fed chickens and game. Ditch the sugar, alcohol and junk and concentrate on really fresh and healthy foods.
Stay active – exercise on its own won’t help you manage your weight but it does help to prevent muscle loss and helps to sensitise insulin. You don’t have to run a marathon or spend all day at the gym. Simply walking every few days or an hour or so is enough.
Avoid chemicals on your face, when cleaning your home, washing your body and your clothing. Wherever possible, choose natural alternatives to chemicals. Look around your home. You’ll be horrified at how many chemical substances you use every day.
Avoid genetically modified foods, avoid man-made fats and oils. Stick to animal fat and olive oil, butter and other healthy fats.
You can get all the support you may need and embark on a ‘food journey’ through the 63 Days to Optimum Health Book. You will be guided over the course of 9 weeks to transition in your emotions, food intake and habits to create a new you.
Hopefully (if you want to) you will lose weight, feel heaps better, and continue to apply these principles indefinitely. This book is for anyone seeking to ‘create health’ or maintain it. This comprehensive guide offers sections on gut heath, market place myths, substitutions for unhealthy old favourites, superfoods that improve immunity and nourish the body, and delicious, cook-from-scratch recipes that celebrate the benefits of making whole foods at home. By making informed choices, you can enjoy day-long energy and ongoing health.
We would like to support you along your journey and are giving you 40% off the 63 Days to Optimum Health Book by Sally-Ann Creed this week!…/63-days-to-optimum-health/
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