woman Hair tassle

I’m repeating a post here as a result of a slew of questions on female hair loss – I hope you find it helpful. There are many reasons women lose hair – these are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Lack of animal protein in the diet.

You might not have heard of biotin, but it’s an amazing B vitamin which can make an enormous difference if you are short of it.

Have a look at some deficiency symptoms, causes of deficiency, foods which help – and of course, you can order the fabulous Biotin-Bio online.

While this is not a very common deficiency, many people will identify with these symptoms, and adding in a little of this very inexpensive nutrient might make all the difference. See if you could be deficient by looking at the following symptoms – come back tomorrow for the answers on how to address it through food and a supplement.

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