Alzheimer’s disease

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FLASH NUTRIENT QUIZ Can you guess which vital nutrient prevents the following: Osteoporosis Kidney stones Atherosclerosis Crooked teeth (who knew?) Alzheimer’s disease Cavities Wrinkles Bone spurs Stroke Cancer   Did you guess correctly?  It’s vitamin K2

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Deficiency is Serious

According to Harvard research, this deficiency is one of the top 10 causes of death in USA. Omega-3 decreases risk of heart disease and stroke, depression, hypertension, ADHD, joint pain, arthritis, eczema, infertility, miscarriage, raised triglyceride levels (a heart disease marker) and dozens of other serious conditions. There are tens...

The Role of Homocysteine in Mental Health

When you get your cholesterol panel done, ask for homocysteine too – it is a factor in blood clotting. You may know that homocysteine is a toxin which, when elevated, increases your risk of heart attack and strokes. But it is also implicated in mental health problems too, such as...
Berberine - Blood Sugar

Breaking News: Natural Blood Sugar Solution

If you are diabetic, battling with blood sugar control, weight problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, candida or a number of other conditions – Berberine (Natural Blood Sugar reducer) might just be the supplement you have been looking for. One of its most amazing features is its ability to effectively reduce BELLY FAT. ...
Vitamin B

Vitamin B Complex for Brain Health

Ever wondered what a good B Complex can do for your brain?  Every one of the 8 B vitamins are vitally important for your brain and entire body but this is about your precious brain.  Unfortunately our modern diet is lacking in these B vitamins and in order to keep...