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Firstly, remember the inactive T4 hormone made by the thyroid needs to be converted by the liver. It is converted into the active form – T3. So if your liver is not in good nick, you may find your thyroid is somewhat sluggish.



Berberine is one of the most exciting natural products in current medical research and has nothing short of amazing properties. 

Other than for weight loss, it’s a powerful:

  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial

Berberine is most commonly taken for

  • Weight Loss
  • Powerful anti-ageing properties on skin
  • Anti-inflammatory for skin and entire body
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Dysglycaemia
  • Reduces Insulin Levels
  • High Cholesterol
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Some studies say it’s much better than metformin. 


Here is how to Improve Liver & Thyroid Function …

  1. Eat a clean, whole-food diet – no junk
  2. Support your liver with Milk Thistle Premium – 1-3 a day.
  3. Maintain steady blood sugar levels
  4. Use selenium to help conversion of T4 to T3
  5. Use RENEWED BALANCE Progesterone Cream to balance hormones (if you are not on any hormones)

See more about the role of progesterone here called “Why you can’t live without Progesterone”…/


Are you eating loads of sugar without knowing it?

If you are not buying everything fresh and cooking from scratch, it’s likely. Look at a few ways you might be sugar-coating yourself unawares.

Amazing Avocado


Who doesn’t love this phenomenal food? Just 100g gives the following in percentage of your daily requirement:
• 14% potassium (more than bananas)
• 17% vitamin C
• 20% folate
• 10% vitamin E
• 26% vitamin K1
• Up to 14% of B vitamins
• 27% fibre


– Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
– Reduces cancer risk
– Reduces risk of heart disease
– Boosts brain function and memory
– Lowers risk of depression
– Increases eye health
– Protects against periodontal (gum) disease
– Eases osteoarthritis
– Lowers high blood sugar
– Protects the liver
– Great during pregnancy, providing many crucial nutrients
– Improves healthy gut flora by acting as a prebiotic
– Anti-fungal
– Anti-inflammatory
– Increases HDL, lowers triglycerides
Everyone should be eating avocados.…

You may not know this, but you can develop gallstones while you are trying to lose weight. If you don’t keep your gallbladder functioning normally allowing it to expel bile and emulsify fats, you could develop gallstones in your weight loss journey.…

We Have No Unnecessary Body Parts

We Have No Unnecessary Body Parts. You probably know that there is a commonly held belief that there are ‘bits’ in our bodies we don’t need. Like our tonsils and adenoids, spleen, appendix, gallbladder, womb and ovaries after menopause.…

Side Effects

I am still amazed every day by what my utterly amazing brand of Pure Hydrolysed Collagen I am bringing in is doing for me and for thousands of people around the country. It’s become so effective that many doctors are referring patients to this brand (which is the fastest growing brand of collagen in the country) but there ARE side effects!…


We usually think of potassium in terms of something we need to offset high blood pressure – which is true in one sense – but there is so much more to this interesting but very important mineral and this is just one small benefit.…


I know I know.  But I do get asked a lot about alcohol – all sorts of questions – you can imagine.  But before I even start, please know that this article is based on scientific evidence, I’m not out to spoil your fun, nor to judge you nor to stop you drinking! …

Of course the best way to avoid a hangover is either abstinence or avoid overdoing alcohol but if you are not going to ‘listen’ to this ‘wise advice’ then here are a few tips on how to avoid a hangover getting you “the day after the night before”.


Many people have asked me to write about HOW to Drink Alcohol, so here goes.  I personally have either no alcohol or about 2 glasses a year. I value my liver too much, but I also don’t judge others who can handle it a lot better than I can, so I’m not being ‘holier than thou’ here – I just don’t feel good on it.…

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

The Benefits of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

NAC is one of my personal can’t-do-without supplements and I’ll tell you why.  As a chronic asthmatic and sinus sufferer of note my entire life, I decided to use this about 8 years ago to thin the mucous (asthmatics have very thick mucous in the lungs making it difficult to breathe) in my lungs – but my main reason was to thin the mucous in the sinuses as I’d virtually beaten asthma 25 years ago.…


‘Tis the time to be merry, to celebrate and to enjoy the company of those you love.  But if you are following a low-carb lifestyle, will alcohol be off limits?  Can you still have a little now and then? …

Alcohol, Sugar and Your Liver

Alcohol, Sugar and Your Liver:

It’s that time of year again, when the world celebrates Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and other holidays.  I don’t want to be a wet blanket during the celebrations here but I’ve been asked to write about drinking during the festive season.…

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