A lovely ICU nurse recently tested positive for Covid-19 around 8 July, even though she was wearing PPEs (my heart goes out to these brave heroes who care for those of us in ICU).

How Collagen helps Weight Loss

Spring is 3 weeks away…. Many people are battling with the effects of ‘lockdown weight’. Losing weight PROPERLY is so important. Especially if you want to keep it off but often it seems to take forever to lose those first 5kg.

Immune Support

People ask me continually how to protect themselves during this time of Covid-19.  With the latest more infectious variant coupled with all the end of year visitors among us from all over the world, increased infection rates are of concern.…

Immune Support

 This awful thing just doesn’t seem to be going away even though we have been very fortunate for the most part in this country, it continues to affect our lives daily.

We see masks everywhere, sanitizer, and various things we can and can’t do.

You’ve probably heard a lot about Quercetin with respect to Covid lately. Quercetin is an “ionophore” – something which is used to transport zinc intracellularly to assist immune system function. Quercetin is a wonderful pigment found in some plants, fruit and vegetables in small amounts, and has many health benefits.
Vitamin D

While the world experiences what is being termed a ‘second wave’ – and in some parts a third wave. We are hoping that doesn’t happen here in South Africa. Vitamin D3 sufficiency is one small way to improve your immune system.


The corona virus or Covid-19 wreaking havoc in the world today belongs to a family of viruses called RNA viruses.

All viruses exist in a twilight world between the living and the non-living in that they cannot live by themselves:

They must infect a living host cell of a plant or animal within a short period of time to survive.…

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