Health resources

Fact Sheets

These address conditions in a 'nutshell', providing information intended to make a positive difference to a pre-diagnosed condition. The information doesn't replace medical advice, nor seek to diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe.

Recipe Books

We’ve compiled all of your favourite recipes from Facebook into this wonderful recipe book. It’s full of LCHF recipes, as well as one or two treats, because we all need a little bit of leeway every now and then. We know you'll enjoy them.

Product Fact Sheets

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. It's a non-negotiable in all areas of our business. To help you find the right product, we’ve put together these informative Fact Sheets where you can learn more about them from a technical perspective.


Every month we email our newsletter filled with good news, helpful information, and recipes. If you miss them, or want to download them in a handy PDF format, click below for our free past newsletters. Enjoy!

Our Product listing

We've put together this handy list of all our products, with links to them on our store. This way you can quickly and easily scroll through all our products, then choose and purchase your favourites.

Supplement Evaluations

We offer an in-depth and personalised Supplement Evaluation where we will, after completing a full assessment, send you a personalised supplement report within 14 days. This evaluation is free of charge and performed by our in-house dietitian.