Did you know that sleep apnoea (where you stop breathing for a few seconds while sleeping) can be caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency? By using Golden Nutritional Yeast Flakes regularly, you will get a fabulous amount of vitamin B1 and in this way combat sleep apnoea.…


The Four Stages of B12 Deficiency

What people don’t know who decide to go to a 100% plant-based diet is that it’s fine for a while – the ADULT liver can store enough B12 to last anywhere from 1-5 years maximum.…

woman Hair tassle

Mmm, not funny when you have hair loss or thinning hair. There are a lot of complex mechanisms at work here, but some of you can deal with it to stop the process worsening and in fact give you back that lovely full head of hair.…

Vitamin B

Ever wondered what a good B Complex can do for your brain?  Every one of the 8 B vitamins are vitally important for your brain and entire body but this is about your precious brain. …

The Body’s Exquisite Dance of Synergy

The Body’s Exquisite Dance of Synergy

Part 1/3

Our human bodies are marvellously created. Everything works together in the most incredibly designed way. In the truest sense of the word, the body is an awesome creation. 

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