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Sally-Ann Creed’s journey in the health and wellness industry happened in a very serendipitous way. Having suffered from a variety of debilitating health conditions Sally-Ann decided that she needed to take her wellness into her own hands and by doing so finally found her path to full recovery. Constantly driven by a burning desire to prevent others from suffering the many years of ill-health she personally endured, Sally-Ann sought first-hand knowledge from world experts, undertook rigorous academic study and with the knowledge gained from her own personal experiences soon became the trusted name in all things health and wellness related.

Sally-Ann’s care, passion and philosophy of always putting the needs of the client first are the cornerstones of what Creed Living is built on. Due to her tireless work over the last 30 years, “Sally-Ann Creed®” has not just developed into one of South Africa’s leading brands but the very embodiment of best practise, innovation and trust. The Creed Living team are obsessively committed to preserving our fellow shareholder’s legacy and it is her inspiration which drives all the principles we are fiercely committed to.

Yours in wellness and health,
Roxy Davis

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