It’s pretty scary – you will find entire aisles devoted to ‘dead’ food in the supermarket, one of the biggest and longest aisles is usually the cereal aisle. Do you have any idea how toxic these so-called ‘healthy breakfasts’ are?…

plate of foosd with "fat"
Together with the sugar myth (that it’s not fattening), the calorie myth (that eating less calories causes weight loss), the cholesterol myth, the pH myth and dozens of others, comes the saturated fat myth.

Are you eating loads of sugar without knowing it?

If you are not buying everything fresh and cooking from scratch, it’s likely. Look at a few ways you might be sugar-coating yourself unawares.


Product Information:

This is a wonderfully unique, no-calorie, no-carb sweetener made from all natural ingredients. It has a wonderfully clean sweet taste with no artificial aftertaste whatsoever. If eaten by the spoon it melts quickly in your mouth and tastes a lot like candy floss if you are old enough to remember that far back.…

Chocolate Nuts

We are thrilled to tell you that the long-awaited MILK chocolate covered organic macadamia nuts are here – dry roasted at low heat and then covered with delicious sugar-free chocolate (lightly sweetened with maltitol). …

Alcohol, Sugar and Your Liver

Alcohol, Sugar and Your Liver:

It’s that time of year again, when the world celebrates Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and other holidays.  I don’t want to be a wet blanket during the celebrations here but I’ve been asked to write about drinking during the festive season.…

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