The potent health benefits of garlic

The benefits of garlic are potent, irrefutable and evident. 

Benefits of Garlic:

  1. It’s a natural ANTIBIOTIC – as it contains allicin which fights bacteria and infections. Fabulous for opening clogged sinuses too
  2. Reduces CHOLESTEROL – and significantly lowers both LDL and Triglycerides
  3. It’s a powerful ANTIOXIDANT – some say the world’s most powerful one.
  4. Helps prevent HEART DISEASE by preventing ATHEROSCLEROSIS
  5. Helps to lower HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE quite significantly if raised.
  6. Boosts the IMMUNE SYSTEM

The most effective one I’ve ever taken (and have lots stashed away of in case) is ://

A Fun History of Garlic:

  • Was once considered to be a currency. 
  • In the days of the pharaohs and ancient Egyptians garlic was so valuable that they placed it in tombs, including in King Tut’s.
  • Ancient Greeks gave it to Olympian athletes for strength and stamina.
  • In India, 5,000-year-old Sanskrit records describe its curative properties.

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Originally published on in 2020.