Are you getting enough Zinc for your immune system?

We are still in a time of immune crisis with Covid still around, and not quite at the end of the winter cold weather yet. Plus it’s change of season – a time notorious for infection. Zinc is a powerful weapon in the struggle to maintain a immunity – not only now – but always.

Zinc is a nutrient known to benefit the immune system. Deficiency of zinc impairs the capacity of many different immune cells to carry out their functions and hence hinders immunity. Studies have shown that zinc may reduce the risk and duration of infections. Including pneumonia, the common cold and ‘flu especially in children and the elderly. Zinc plays a central role in T cell-mediated function and immune response to infectious disease.


  • Is a necessary co-factor for the development and function of many different types of immune cells, including macrophages, neutrophils, natural-killer cells, and T cells
  • Is needed for signalling between the cells of the immune system, so that specific cells can know what specific actions to take in response to a stimulus
  • Has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

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Originally published on in 2020.