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Immune Support Essentials

When winter hits, everyone scrambles for the Corenza C, thinking they’re getting a helping hand. What they don’t realise is that its main ingredient is paracetamol! We prefer to take supplements that boost our natural immune systems, giving our body a long-term boost, as well as fighting off the nasty colds and flu that do the rounds this time of year.

What we propose for daily protection:

When we begin to show symptoms:
We take the following for FIVE DAYS ONLY, then revert to the protective measures:

  • 1 x Quercetin Complex 3 x a day
  • 1 x D3 Premium 2 x a day
  • 2 x Zinc Picolinate daily (don’t do this for more than 5 days)
  • 4+ Ester C daily (or Scorbi-Cee 1 teaspoon, or Super-Cee 1 teaspoon)
  • 1 x Bear Paw Garlic 1-3 x a day
  • 1-2 x Olive Leaf Extract 3 x a day till feeling better

After 5 days, we revert to the protective measures.

We also have an Immune Pack available here or browse our shop for the full list of Immune Combos

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