Recovery from COVID-19

A lovely ICU nurse recently tested positive for Covid-19 around 8 July, even though she was wearing PPEs (my heart goes out to these brave heroes who care for those of us in ICU). She has kindly agreed that I can share what she sent me in a private message this morning.  I do hope you are blessed and encouraged. There is so much fear around Covid so here is some good news!! I made some suggestions at her request on how to improve her immune system. This morning I got this lovely message from her:

“Hi, just to let you know I am back at work, the only side effects of Covid was a temp at night for about three days, cough, I am still coughing a little bit, and a sore right ear. Never had headaches, body aches, red eyes or any of the other side effects. Been taking all your supplements including your collagen. Thank you very much again.”

Thanks for sharing this SH. People can and do recover from Covid-19 especially when they are optimally nourished and take the right nutrients.  I applaud you as you care for those who are in a dire situation. May you be blessed as you go into that ‘war zone’ every single day so selflessly for others. xx



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Originally published on in 2020.