Sugar-free Marshmallows

These sugar-free marshmallows are the perfect keto treat. Not too sweet, and covered in delicious coconut. The perfect companion to one of our hot drinks.

Banting Brownies

Sally-Ann Creed Banting Brownies

We absolutely adore these banting brownies. Especially during the cold winter months – they bring so much joy to our lives.

Paleo Christmas Mincemeat

Paleo Mince Pies

I usually never bake Christmas puddings or cakes anymore, nor make fruit mince pies. But this year I thought I’d make paleo mince pies for my husband. I avoid the commercial ones like the plaque due to the toxins – ugh. But I decided to try for a healthier recipe and my GOSH it was […]

“Free” Low Carb Chocolate Mousse

Make sure you have placed your unopened can of coconut cream into the fridge a good few hours or overnight before you need it. Take the can out, keeping it upright, and open it with a can opener.  Carefully spoon out all the cream into a bowl, and leave the liquid in the can.  Use […]

Low Carb Chocolate Pistachio Panna Cotta


I think pistachios must be one of the headiest nuts that exist. Buy them in their shells, half the fun is the anticipation of getting that nifty little green nut out of it’s shell, and then crunching it, savouring it, while working on the next one. Don’t buy them already shelled – they are often […]