Bio-Sweet Prebiotic Sweetener

Product Information:

This is a wonderfully unique, no-calorie, no-carb sweetener made from all natural ingredients. It has a wonderfully clean sweet taste with no artificial aftertaste whatsoever. If eaten by the spoon it melts quickly in your mouth and tastes a lot like candy floss if you are old enough to remember that far back.

We use a high quality prebiotic fibre as the base with a mild sweet flavour (not from sugar) and as a prebiotic it normalises the intestinal flora while still acting like a fibre. It’s not absorbed yet it offers huge benefits to your colon ecology. It is food for probiotics. Broken down in the colon to form food for your beneficial bacteria not you personally. To this delicious prebiotic base we add a pure monk fruit extract without any maltodextrin. This is 100% pure.

Monk Fruit has been around for thousands of years and is highly beneficial to health. In it’s pure form as found in Bio-Sweet. It has NO added maltodextrin is non-GMO and is 100% pure. We have bought the top grade! Not the cheap grades full of sugar! This is an amazing fruit as the sweet taste doesn’t come from sugar but from compounds called “mogrosides” which are 300 times sweeter than sugar. It’s SUCH a win-win sweetener this as it does not elevate blood sugar or insulin at all making it the perfect weight-loss sweetener.

You can even use Bio-Sweet to bake with use it one for one as for sugar.

The bulk is not there (for which Keto Sweet Zero may be better in this case) however it is heat stable and delicious in any food hot or cold including baked goods, desserts, salads, fruit dishes, tea, coffee, etc. Bio-Sweet is completely water soluble and very little stirring is required for it to mix.

Benefits of the very Special Prebiotic Fibre in Bio-Sweet:

The benefits of the prebiotic fibre used include:

• Bone health – increases bone density
• Better absorption of minerals like magnesium
• Strengthened and enhanced immunity
• Reduced blood triglyceride levels
• Better control of appetite and weight control
• Encourages healthy gut hormonal changes
• Increases healthy gut bacteria, and decreases harmful bacteria
• Improves bowel regularity
• Encourages healing from leaky gut syndrome
• Reduces intestinal infection
• Reduces inflammation in colon walls
• Reduces gas and bloating
• Reduces anxiety
• Decreases toxins entering the bloodstream
• Reduced risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome
• Rise in satiety following a meal
• Reduced hunger hormones
• Smaller level of caloric absorption in the colon

Benefits of Monk Fruit (also called Lo Han) which is a cousin of the cucumber family has a boat load of benefits as well:

• No elevation in blood sugar (it actually has a very positive effect!)
• Cannot stimulate body fat storage
• Clinically proven to speed up fat burning
• Safe for diabetics, children, hypoglycemics and those who want to lose weight
• Helps ease damaged pancreatic cells
• No elevation in insulin levels
• Does not raise cholesterol like sugar and artificial sweeteners do
• Used to reduce coughs and fevers
• Currently under investigation as a tumour inhibitor
• Possesses powerful antioxidant properties
• May promote cardiovascular health
• May aid healthy digestion

Monk Fruit is currently used in my Keto Sweet Zero product and in Bio-Sweet.



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Originally published on in 2019.

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