Brand New Chocolate Nuts!

We are thrilled to tell you that the long-awaited MILK chocolate covered organic macadamia nuts are here – dry roasted at low heat and then covered with delicious sugar-free chocolate (lightly sweetened with maltitol).  There are also the DARK chocolate macadamia nutties AND now we have WHITE chocolate macadamia nutties too!

You can buy these as EITHER

  • Milk chocolate nutties
  • Dark chocolate nutties
  • White chocolate nutties OR
  • A mixture of all three called Mixed Macadamia Nutties

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts are utterly delicious – the nuts are organically grown in this country, and very lightly dry-roasted to be crunchy and delicious.  Add the chocolate and you are laughing.  For the first time now we have these in sugar-free milk chocolate and white chocolate – although we’ve had them in sugar-free dark chocolate for a while (and they fly out of here!) – and now we have a mixture too!

The Pros and Cons of Maltitol

Yes, I know – maltitol is not perfect, but it’s a chemical free brand that I use (NOT ALL MALTITOL CHOCOLATES ARE!!!), it is safe for diabetics and SO MUCH safer than the dangerous artificial sweeteners and chemicals usually added to diabetic chocolate.  So let’s look at the pros and cons:


  • Safe for everyone to consume
  • No sugar in the chocolates
  • You’d never know there was no sugar present – delicious taste
  • Adds sweetness without the calories or sugar
  • Does not promote tooth decay the way sugar does


  • Eating too many will result in possible diarrhoea, but you have to have quite a lot of maltitol for this to happen. (I find many of my clients use this DELICIOUS method as a mild laxative to ease stubborn constipation.  Ever heard of the chocolate laxative called Brooklax?  Well this could be used as the delicious version!)
  • There are still carbs present but much less than regular chocolate

You can buy the Macadamia Nutties on our website – they are the most addictive and delicious thing you will eat this Easter!



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Originally published on on 23 March 2018.

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