Consuming Sugar Unwittingly

Are you eating loads of sugar without knowing it?

If you are not buying everything fresh and cooking from scratch, it’s likely. Look at a few ways you might be sugar-coating yourself unawares. First off, over 80% of goods you buy – probably closer to 90% – have added sugar (or worse – artificial sweeteners) without you even knowing. One can almost categorically say that every single processed food you buy will have SOME sort of added sugar – you just may not recognise the name as being from sugar.

Processed foods like macaroni cheese – who would think that would have any? Or any other savoury food? But they are loaded! Some are called molasses, dextrose, various artificial sweeteners which are actually also half sugar, corn syrup, fructose (worst of all – or ‘fruit’ sugar), coconut sugar, malts, maltose, evaporated cane juice, ‘organic sugar’ (still sugar!), etc.

So called organic sugar is no different to the ordinary table sugar you buy. The body doesn’t know the difference and treats it the same way. The sugar molecule sucrose comprises one half glucose and one half fructose (the dangerous half), and it is separated by the body into glucose and fructose when consumed. Glucose is ok for the body, although too much isn’t good but can be helpful for athletes, however the fructose portion is the inflammatory very sweet part of sugar which is so dangerous and leads to fatty liver. Fructose is VERY bad for you. Just remember when reading about ‘organic sugar’ or coconut sugar etc – sugar is sugar is sugar.

• Organic maple syrup is not sugar-free – it’s still sugar.
• Low-fat yogurt and flavoured yogurts – packed with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Rather get full-fat plain yogurt and add Keto Sweet Zero and some fresh fruit if you want flavoured yogurt
• Sauces and dressings are favourite places to dump sugar – barbeque, mayonnaise, seasoning (even savoury), dressings – all laced with sugar• Fruit juice always has added sugar as if on its own it’s not enough. Smoothies – great hiding place for more sugar in various forms.
• Dried fruit – just a concentrated source of sugar, rather eat a piece of fresh fruit. Commercially dried fruit even has sugar added.
• Sports drinks and protein drinks – hotbeds of sugar!• Protein bars, granola bars, sports bars, ‘health’ bars – read the sugar content – it’s terrifying
• Fruit-infused waters – more sugar or artificial sweeteners
• Pre-made oatmeal, soups, all packaged food – they always put sugar into them
• Frozen veggies and frozen foods – don’t think they escape the sugar trap, they don’t!
• Frozen and preserved food will also be full of sugar.
• Luncheon meats, hamburger patties, chips and some nut butters – all have sugar.

• Granola and muesli and in fact all boxed cereals – these aren’t ‘healthy’, they are just a sugary start to the day almost all the time
• Bread’s a big one – loads of sugar in bread, apart from the carbs in the bread which the body sees as sugar. This applies to virtually all breads, rusks, confectionary – they are sneaky forms of sugar

Just make your own from scratch and you will know what’s going into the food, and lose the sugar. With Keto Sweet Zero you never have to worry about sugar again as it tastes just like sugar without any calories, carbs or danger whatsoever.

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Originally published on in 2020.