Firstly, remember the inactive T4 hormone made by the thyroid needs to be converted by the liver. It is converted into the active form – T3. So if your liver is not in good nick, you may find your thyroid is somewhat sluggish. Improving liver & gut health is the first step to improving thyroid health.

The thyroid gland affects metabolic rate and while the body provides glucose for energy from food – if you are exercising or haven’t eaten for a while – your liver is responsible for supplying the glucose. This glucose is needed for maintaining normal blood sugar levels from its glycogen stores. In order to make glycogen the liver needs the thyroid to ‘tell’ it to do so.

First, the pituitary gland secretes thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). This signals the thyroid to make T4 which then goes to the peripheral tissues such as l liver, kidneys and muscles. This is where it is converted to the active form of thyroid hormone called T3. Without enough T3 you won’t get that much glycogen. Which means you will experience low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and very poor phase 2 detoxification by the liver.



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Originally published on in 2020.