Cornonary artery calcification

I have been asked to repeat this post – hope it’s helpful. It’s been said that magnesium plays a part in over 600 metabolic processes in the human body and involves more than 350 enzymes. There’s just about nothing magnesium is not involved in. So it would stand to reason then that it is one of the most important minerals – if not the most important – we need to take, and to do so every single day. It has now been suggested that low magnesium intake is associated with future risk of hypertension, stroke and vascular calcification, yet not enough studies exist to tie it to coronary artery calcification. However in studies done on those with calcified arteries, they all exhibited extremely low levels of magnesium, so there may be a link.

Of course there is always more to it than one simple thing, like smoking for example, which is known to harden the arteries, too little vitamin C intake, lack of collagen, poor diet, high sugar levels, too much alcohol and definitely taking a calcium supplement – these causes coronary artery calcium build up.

Don’t bother trying to ‘test’ your magnesium though – serum magnesium only represents around 1% of magnesium stores. Magnesium is homeostatically controlled in the serum and measuring serum magnesium levels provides many false negatives. By the time an individual’s serum magnesium is low, they are extremely deficient in magnesium, as the body cannot maintain the serum magnesium levels. You can be pretty sure if you aren’t taking it daily, you’re bound to be short of it.

Sadly there is this obsession with calcium – so SO bad for us! (Google “Death by Calcium” if you don’t believe me). THIS is what causes coronary artery calcification – and not cholesterol. Without sufficient magnesium, vitamin K2 and collagen, your arteries are an easy target for calcium to deposit itself in instead of bone. The other problem is that the ratio of calcium to magnesium is totally out of whack the way omega-6 is out of whack in relation to omega-3. We need that BALANCE. Only one thing is known to man for removing this calcified arterial plaque over time – vitamin K2. Having more magnesium in your diet also helps to balance out dietary calcium.

So here are the nutrients which make all the difference to coronary artery calcification:

  • Magnesium – I recommend my Magnesium Citrate Powder due to the ease of absorption (if you would prefer capsules use my Chelated Magnesium Premium)
  • Vitamin K2 – prevents calcification and removes calcification from soft tissue – I have developed a very pure one called Vitamin K2 Premium
  • Collagen – a powerful aid in arterial integrity – try my Pure Hydrolysed Premium
  • Vitamin C – absolutely VITAL for the heart – 2-6 minimum Ester C daily or a teaspoon of Super-Cee or Scorbi-Cee in water daily.
  • I also strongly recommend Vitamin D3 Premium in connection with vitamin K2