In spite of the pandemic of people suffering from adrenal fatigue, there is still no official ‘diagnosis’ or even recognition in the medical community, whereas natural health practitioners recognize it as adrenal insufficiency or ‘burnout’ due to chronic stress.
Your adrenal glands are two tiny walnut-shaped glands witting on top of your kidneys but they are responsible for an enormous amount of hormone production for everyday biological functions. One such hormone is cortisol, referred to as our ‘stress hormone’ although it’s only one of many.
Unchecked stress results in constant high levels of cortisol, overloading the adrenal glands and resulting symptoms typically include (among others):
• Anxiety
• Chronic fatigue
• Digestive issues
• Headaches
• Sleep disorders/insomnia
• Increased risk for heart disease
• Low thyroid function
• Weight gain and inability to lose weight
• Problems with concentration and memory
• Reproductive problems
• Autoimmune conditions
• Hair loss
• Brain fog
• Low libido
• Depression
• Muscle loss
• Weight gain
Stress can be psychological, physical or emotional by nature – they all affect adrenal function.
Some of the things you might not associate with stress per se include:
• Lack of sleep and insomnia
• Poor diet and too much/not enough exercise
• Environmental toxins and pollution
• Financial hardships
• Negative relationships
• Death of a loved one
• Stress at work
1. Eat healthily for a start – this is half the battle won – eating lower carb is healthier – and dump the sugar and seed oils
2. Eat more animal protein – protein supports adrenal function – get enough animal protein
3. Dump the junk food/processed food etc (and wheat!)
4. Take some smart supplements like Super Cee and Pantothenic Acid daily
5. Get plenty of REST and start saying NO to people who drain you
6. Use my Pure Hydrolysed Collagen – it really gives a fantastic boost!
7. You must have magnesium citrate – this also helps enormously
This is just a start! Wishing you a speedy recovery! You’ll find all these top quality products in my online store – and it’s worth trying to live according to my latest book, 63 Days to Optimum Health (also from my online store).



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Originally published on in 2020.