3 change-of-season flu & virus toolkits

We are now officially entering a change of season world wide – either going into Autumn or Spring, depending in which hemisphere you live. Even the healthiest people seem to fall prey to the sniffles, respiratory and gut viruses, and a host of other miseries at this time of year. Gut bugs, body aches, headaches, ear aches, sore throats and even old viruses like Shingles can spring up at this time of year. Be prepared!

We want to give you a basic “Change of Season Toolkit” here – in fact THREE toolkits – one for staying healthy, and another one for IF/WHEN the virus/flu hits to scare it off, and a third for if it ‘gets’ you.

So we’re sharing what we do personally.

1. Remaining healthy

  • Vitamin C. We recommend Scorbi-Cee, Super Cee or EsterVit C. We like both Super Cee and Scorbi-Cee powders because you can stir them into water and sip these throughout the day. Squeeze an orange in if you don’t like the tartness. Put 2-3 spoons into 1-2 litres, and sip this all day.
  • MaxiProbiotic 20. If you like capsules, MaxiProbiotic is great. Ensure you take them every day to keep your gut healthy.
  • 1000iu of Vitamin D3 tablets or drops daily

This will “hold” a healthy person during even the worst seasonal changes.
Don’t forget to eat well!!

2. When you feel like you’re starting to get sick:
Ok, so you didn’t dodge the bugs, and you have a scratchy throat, headache etc. The MOMENT this starts, HIT IT HARD so that it will last only a few hours to a few days and not drag on for weeks or months as it can do! We all know what fun that can be….

  • INCREASE your Vitamin C to 4-5 times or more the dose you are used to. We take 1-2 grams every hour for as long as we feel bad, and then add one more day before dialling it down to 2-4g a day.
  • Continue using your MaxiProbiotic 20. This kills bugs in the gut where they take hold.
  • You can dramatically increase your vitamin D3 for a few days to a week, particularly if your levels are very low. Take 2-4 a day for several days – a powerful immune stimulant. Then revert to one a day when feeling better.
  • Berberine Complex – not only is this brilliant for blood sugar control, but what many people don’t know is that it is a natural antibiotic too! This will prevent opportunistic bacteria from causing a secondary infection. Take one a day

3. If the ‘lurgy’ gets you and you’re now sick:

  • Continue on Vitamin C at a high dose. (In fact as much of the above regimen as you can afford and/or stand) It’s always good to jump in as fast as you can of course – the sooner you start treating yourself the better it will be.
  • Add Olive Leaf Extract 2 caps 3 x a day
  • MaxiProbiotic – take twice as much for a week
  • Bone broths now are important – drink all day and remain hydrated
  • Try to stay quiet and rest during this time – DO NOT EXERCISE as you can damage your heart valves. Wait till you are better.

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