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The benefits of taking Magnesium Citrate powder

Amazing! I have been giving your Magnesium Citrate Powder to my daughter (age 13) every day since for a short while, and today she woke up and told me it is the first morning her knee has not been sore! The first day since her operation!! Thank you Sally-Ann JM

Hi Sally-Ann can my husband take your Magnesium Citrate Powder if he has seizures? I am on it and absolutely LOVE it. Helped me so much with stomach pain and stubborn constipation KP

Hi Sally! Liking your Fb page is the best thing I could ever have done. I have just sat and gone back through all your posts until I found the one I was looking for on leaky gut. I take your Collagen, Glutamine and Magnesium Citrate and am now going to put my husband onto them! I only found out about your collagen recently, been using it about a month now, my business partner has been using since December, her hair has been transformed and her skin! I am now telling all my clients about it! JB

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