Things you need to know about female hair loss

I’m repeating a post here as a result of a slew of questions on female hair loss – I hope you find it helpful. There are many reasons women lose hair – these are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Lack of animal protein in the diet. (vegans and vegetarians need to ensure their iron, B12 and protein stores are ok)
  2. Anaemia is a huge reason for hair loss – sometimes due to the lack of #1 above. You could be deficient in iron if you don’t eat meat, so get a blood test for ferritin and B12 levels.
  3. Being on birth control – these are synthetic chemicals, not real hormones and do affect your hair either short- or long-term – hair loss is a common side effect of any form of hormonal treatment
  4. Rule out Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – high insulin and androgen levels will also cause hair loss – Berberine Complex and Magnesium Citrate is excellent here at restoring insulin levels to normal
  5. Get your Thyroid checked – raised thyroid ‘antibodies’ are a cause of hair loss and could point to an autoimmune cause for hair loss
  6. Reduce inflammation brought about by a poor diet, smoking, wheat, sugar, dairy and environmental toxicity
  7. Don’t stop ALL carbs – have a low carb, not a no-carb diet. A lower carbohydrate diet is a powerful way to lower intake of sugar and starchy foods which inflame hair follicles
  8. Make sure you are not doing a low fat diet or a low calorie diet. Both will adversely affect your hair and result at some point in hair loss. Fat is pivotal in the fight against hair loss but it needs to be healthy fat (butter, olive oil, coconut oil – no margarine, seed oils or vegetable oils!).
  9. Reduce stress levels (easier said than done… but it’s true)
  10. Consider the following supplements for hair loss:
  11. My excellent quality Pure Hydrolysed Collagen – pretty amazing at restoring healthy new hair
  12. Biotin – under-rated as a means to a better head of hair
  13. Magnesium Citrate or Chelated Magnesium Premium – both help to control inflammatory insulin levels
  14. Zinc Picolinate – just one a day
  15. HairgenX have a wonderful tried and tested range

All of these are available from – just use the search bar if you can’t find one of them.

Remember – it will take time to get those new little hairs growing again but they will. Hair’s to you!



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Originally published on in 2020.