Hair Loss Prevention Strategy

Is your hair thinning or falling out?  Not funny is it.  Especially when you thought the LCHF lifestyle would be the answer to all your ills.  There’s no magic bullet, we know that – but perhaps try these strategies to see whether it helps.  It will take time, but remember hair does go into a ‘resting’ phase from time to time, much like a plateau when you are on a weight loss diet – the same thing happens to hair – but it recovers.

90% of the hair on your head is growing, and each follicle has its own little life cycle influenced by age, disease, diet, stress – you name it – and it’s divided into 3 phases:

  • Anagen – active hair growth phase lasting 2-6 years
  • Catagen – transitional hair phase lasts 2-3 weeks
  • Telogen – resting phase lasts 2-3 months also called Telogen effluvium

After the resting phase, the hair falls out and new hair replaces it, and then it starts all over again, but as you age, your hair growth does slow down.  When a large number of hairs enter this resting phase at the same time, your hair will fall out and the hair will think temporarily, but it will recover.  Protein is one of the best ways to get your hair thick again – lots of animal protein – and guess what – animal fat!  Hair loves protein and fat (hair is LCHF)! Here are some dietary aids to help that hair get back on track:

  1. Eat more protein – and that means animal protein. Often hair loss is a simple protein deficiency;
  2. Eat more fishand take a fish oil supplement (about 3g a day is good) – this really is fantastic (not flaxseed oil, fish oil) if you want to see your hair shine and recover beautifully;
  3. Eat more eggs – they are fabulous hair food! For brains, hormones and the heart too;
  4. Take a Vitamin D3 supplement daily;
  5. Get iron from green leafy veggies;
  6. Take Vitamin C – fabulous hair building food – around 2-3g a day should do it;
  7. Take a good, daily Vitamin B Complex –look for a good, specialised brand with high levels of B’s present – about 50mg of each. Take it at breakfast; and
  8. Start using my Pure Hydrolysed Collagen – it does wonders for hair.

Wait for 5-6 months to see the difference, hair grows slowly but you should have magnificent tresses soon.  Hair’s to your good health!

Did you know hair grows everywhere on the human skin except the palms of our hands and soles of our feet?