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The Omega-3 Solution Fish Oil Softgels


60 x 1000mg softgels – 120 x 1000mg softgels 

Pharmaceutical-grade, ultra-refined and extra-pure, this fish oil is free from mercury, PCBs, DDT and dioxins.  Powerful action as follows, and may assist in the following conditions:

•    Treatment of ADHD
•    Improvement in memory function
•    Relieving aching joints and arthritis
•    Calming and improving mood levels
•    Powerful anti-inflammatory agent
•    Helps asthmatics
•    Improves thermogenesis (fat burning)
•    Corrects essential fatty acid deficiency

The Omega-3 Solution pharmaceutical grade fish oil is over 80% active and one of the strongest oils on the SA market

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Dosage: 2-3 per day

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60 x 1000mg Softgels, 120 x 1000mg Softgels