Neroli Tea Towel Set


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Introducing our new, limited-edition Sally-Ann Creed® Tea Towels. Locally designed and made, these towels are a perfect Christmas gift making that morning or afternoon brew even more magic.
What’s in the pack?
1x Full black neroli design tea towel
1x Neroli and tartan design tea towel
Each measuring 340 mm x 540 mm


Throughout this product development, we made it our mission to remain environmentally conscious and sustainable, while supporting local business. We opted to use natural fabrics and worked with local companies to achieve these goals. This mission led us on an amazing journey discovering some incredible businesses – and people – right here in Cape Town, doing their bit to create magic while looking after our planet.

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Our Sally-Ann Creed® tea towels are made from 100% cotton by our textile printers based in Kensington, Cape Town, who then brought our custom designs to life. They use the latest low carbon textile technology, and water-based pigment inks which are environmentally friendly, solvent free, and non-toxic.

Once the fabric has been printed, it is heat cured to fix the ink to the natural fabric fibres for colour fastness and added longevity of the design. There are no harmful chemicals used in this process, which means that no additional steaming or washing is needed after the curing process, saving both water and energy.

The fabric is then delivered to our CMT (cut make and trim) manufacturer who works with entrepreneurial men and women from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them to become up-skilled and self-sufficient. Employees are encouraged to own their own equipment and have been assisted in the purchasing and servicing the tools of their trade. Their skills include pattern making, cutting, sewing, beading and hand stitching. The makeup of these tea towels have had a direct impact on Sharon, Zinia, Portia, Lizzy, Aisha, Fazil, Fuad, Robert and their families who live and work in the suburbs of Philippi, Hanover Park, Elsies River and Grassy Park in Cape Town.

We are proud to say that these tea towels are an eco-friendly purchase, helping support local business while contributing to a greener future for all!

*As with all natural products, the textile will mature and soften over time

Best Care instructions:
Gentle hand wash using cold water. Avoid strong detergents, no hard hand wringing or excessive rubbing.


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