Welcome to my blog!

Ok, so I’ve decided to do a blog, at last. Good food and good health is my passion, so that’s what I hope to share with you. I’m equally keen to tell you about why you need to avoid certain foods and a little about why, but it’s all good news either way.

Having spent most of my life really really sick, I discovered health one day through Dr Robbie Simons, a doctor who lives in Australia.  Thanks to him and the Lord, I recovered my health, beat the debilitating asthma and panic disorder I suffered from, ditched 17 prescription drugs I’d been on for decades – and got so excited – I decided to study nutrition formally!  That’s when I did my post grad diploma through a fabulous institution in Australia – and here I am today, over 20 years later.

I’m still well (actually better than ever) and still raring to take life by the horns and enjoy every moment.  Why don’t you join me on this journey?  Nobody teaches us how to eat – so let me help you find the level of health I did 23 years ago.  As they say “life’s too short to drink bad coffee” – I couldn’t agree more.  Life’s also too short and precious to waste another day being overweight, sick, tired and just not feeling up to par.  Carpe Diem.