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The Truth about Eggs

I have to say the thing that really upsets me is to see people throw away a valuable, nutritional powerhouse in the egg yolk, and eat the useless egg white.  It’s sacrilege! People are just so confused about eggs as a whole (no pun intended), so let’s have a look at the science behind eggs.

The yolk is the healthiest part of the egg – don’t forget that.  By eating only egg whites you are losing the nutrient dense, antioxidant-rich, vitamin and mineral loaded part of the egg.  Egg yolks contain all the B vitamins, trace minerals, vitamin A, folate, choline, lutein and many other powerful nutrients like omega-3, B12, fat-soluble vitamins – I don’t have space to list them all.  And worse still – egg white is virtually devoid of nutrition! In order to get the right amino acid profile, you want the whole egg, not just the white.


And let’s bust a myth here – eggs will not raise cholesterol.  When you eat a so-called high cholesterol food, your body down-regulates it’s internal production of cholesterol!

If you don’t eat enough cholesterol, your body simply produces more as cholesterol is used for dozens of vital functions in the body.

Many new studies show eating whole eggs raises your HDL (‘good’) cholesterol.  All cholesterol is good (we’ve been lied to in case you don’t know), but we want higher HDL than LDL, and this is precisely what eggs do – thereby improving your cholesterol ratio.  High cholesterol is not a ‘disease’ to be ‘treated’ – it is a very important, CRUCIAL substance needed by the body.  Heart disease is a disease, not high cholesterol.  It is totally and utterly wrong to try to lower cholesterol!  SO many books have been written on this subject but still people are sabotaging their health trying to lower this vital and wonderful substance made by the body.  Pharmaceutical propaganda should not be obeyed – God would not have us make a substance that will kill us.  We need to wake up and use our brains – actually cholesterol is vital for brain activity and most of the brain is cholesterol – so if you are lowering yours, it may be why you aren’t thinking clearly. Just saying….


The brilliant antioxidants present, especially lutein, are powerful anti-inflammatory agents – the real culprit in heart disease is inflammation – so why would you not want this natural anti-inflammatory to protect your heart?  It’s a no-brainer.  Cholesterol has never ever been shown to cause heart disease – there is not a single study – yet we are deceived by the media and drug companies into believing something our bodies make is the enemy and must be blocked at all costs.  Cholesterol is not evil and eggs are not evil either. Time to catch up with the latest science and find out for yourself.  Eggs contain every single nutrient needed by a human being other than Vitamin C.  Did you ever see your grandmother doing egg-white omelets and throwing away the yolk?  Thought not.

Eating eggs for breakfast instead of sugar-laced cereal will help you maintain your weight or lose weight. Whereas cereals will lead to weight gain.  It’s been shown that by eating eggs for breakfast you will eat less food for the rest of the day. They are so satisfying and blood-sugar balancing.  I’ve personally eaten 2 or more eggs every single day for decades and I have a perfect lipid profile. So toss the silly old-wives tales out the window and enjoy eggs every day as many as you wish.  You won’t die, I assure you!



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Originally published on in 2020.

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