Super Cee vs Scorbi-Cee

Many of you have asked me what the difference is between the various Vitamin C’s.

So here’s a simple explanation:

Scorbi-Cee is ascorbic acid or plain vitamin C. This is a very inexpensive and effective powder. You can add to water or drinks to get your quota of vitamin C in per day. Anything from a pinch for children to several teaspoons for adults. A teaspoon a day for an adult offers excellent immune protection and is 5000mg per teaspoon. This is the standard, excellent kind to take if you are a normal person without serious digestive problems.

Super Cee has a base of ascorbic acid, but it is buffered or chelated meaning it is joined to a sodium (mineral) molecule, making it much easier on the gut. You can probably take a lot more of this too before you will get diarrhoea. If you are looking to take a lot for any reason – each teaspoon is 5000mg and a teaspoon a day will be perfect in water. This is the one to take if you have digestive problems as it is milder, but no less effective. Both are water-soluble and BOTH are highly effective.

Studies done by the Linus Pauling Institute found that vitamin C from both these powders were AS bio-available as vitamin C from vegetables and fruit, which is amazing. So at the end of the day the Super Cee is easier on the tummy but BOTH Vitamin C’s are equally as effective.


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Originally published on in 2020.