Creed Living partners with Heavy Chef

Creed Living, the home of Sally-Ann Creed®, South Africa’s most loved collagen and nutritional supplement company, has joined forces with Heavy Chef to help South African entrepreneurs achieve their full potential by providing educational videos and business insights from industry-leaders and successful entrepreneurs who have already blazed a trail in their field.

Creed Living already provides information and guidance to thousands of South Africans by drawing on the work done by Sally-Ann Creed, founder of Sally-Ann Creed® who spent over 20  years searching for a cure to her ailments, finally finding that through nutrition, one is able to activate and heal one’s body without the need for traditional western medicine. Over the years, Sally-Ann has added various natural supplements to her nutritional toolbox, including her famous Pure Hydrolysed Collagen – South Africa’s favourite bovine collagen. By offering entrepreneurs advice on how to give their bodies natural and effective nutrition, Creed Living is enhancing their ability to achieve greatness by ensuring that their bodies remain healthy and supportive of their business acumen.

As we provide the tools and support for entrepreneurs to achieve more in their businesses, Heavy Chef & Creed Living believe that together we’re able to grow the South African economy, reduce unemployment, and lift our beloved country out of poverty and into prosperity. Our joint vision for South Africa is one where private businesses provide the quickest and most sustainable path to growth for our economy, our country, and future generations.

As the trusted voice for thousands of South Africans, Creed Living is proud to be able to tailor and share its knowledge with entrepreneurs all across our country and in various fields.

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