Omega-3 Fish Oil effect on Alzheimers Risk

Every one of us at some point has a ghastly thought flash through our minds. “Oh gosh, I hope I don’t develop Alzheimer’s disease”. Sometimes when you are stressed or forgetful you might find yourself wondering whether it’s starting to happen to you. It’s a terrible thought, nobody wants to land up with any form of dementia, least of all Alzheimer’s disease.

A recent study in The Lancet looked at 33 asymptomatic men & women aged 55+ with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease. These subjects had sedentary lifestyles. They ate little to no fatty fish and hadn’t taken any omega-3 capsules for 3 months prior to the study. 15 of the 33 subjects carry the APOE4 gene. This gene is linked to brain inflammation. It is also known to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s by a factor of four or more.

For 6 months the treatment group were given 2,152mg of DHA (one of the main fats in omega-3 fish oil). They also limited their polyunsaturated fatty intake (this is the damaged seed oils, vegetable oils and margarine). The control group were given Soy and Corn oil as a placebo. Both groups also took vitamin B Complex supplements known to enhance the body’s ability to process omega-3s.

After 6 months many tests were performed including investigating the changes in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid levels of DHA & EPA (both fatty acids from fish oil), and how these correlated with levels of brain amyloid deposition. Other tests performed were Cognitive function tests. The treatment group has a 200% increase in blood plasma of omega-3, while the control group went up 28%.

The study proved that 2000mg was enough to effect change while 1000mg was not. I always recommend 3000mg daily of omega-3 fish oil, as I have seen enormous benefits with this dose of Omega-3 fish oil.

Another outstanding product is Neurofactor (find it here and taken together with omega-3 fish oil (not flax oil) would be an excellent way to prevent this awful condition.


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Originally published on in 2020.