Drugs for Bone Density


If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, chances are you’ve been prescribed a bisphosphonate drug.  But sadly, bisphosphonates (BP) are not all they are ‘cracked’ up to be (no pun intended!)


Bisphosphonates & Femur Fractures.  According to a published study, BPs – a drug millions of women take to ‘strengthen’ their bones – may cause “unusual femur fractures.” What’s so unusual about these femur fractures (aka thigh bone), you ask? Well, they were all caused by falls of standing height or less – meaning these people didn’t fall off ladders or down a flight of stairs. In fact, according to the senior study author, the women were “basically doing nothing” when their legs broke. And it turns out that 37% of the women who experienced these fractures had been taking BP for years, most for at least seven years. Talk about a product not working as expected! 


If you want to strengthen bone and prevent bone density loss there are a few guidelines here which will help you immensely:

  1. Cut the sugar and high carb diet
  2. Eat more animal protein – it strengthens bone!
  3. Take a high-dose vitamin D3 (not D2 from the chemist) supplement
  4. Take a vitamin K2 (not K1) supplement – this builds bone
  5. Use my Pure Hydrolysed Collagen – powerful bone builder


It’s that simple!  I see miracles all the time on this simple recipe. You can get all these from my online store here 



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Originally published on https://www.facebook.com/SallyAnnCreedSA/ in 2020.