Collagen in Coffee? Yes Please!

After all these years, we still get asked whether it’s ok to put collagen into coffee – due to some rather hilariously blatant articles telling you that it will breakdown, or won’t work. They say it “falls apart” under heat – but um, hang on, hydrolysed collagen is HEAT TREATED! They are also saying a number of other really stupid things.  The claim is “when added to hot coffee, for example – collagen’s molecular structure melts, diminishing or even negating the desired health benefits”. This is unscientific and shows the writer has no knowledge of what he or she is saying.

Firstly – hydrolysed collagen means that the collagen is heat-stable, will not change it’s structure in either hot or cold liquid or food – it will still be fully absorbed and effective.  They are confusing collagen with gelatine. Gelatine goes gummy, collagen CAN’T because it’s hydrolysed. Collagen would not be as popular as it is with the zillions of testimonies if it wasn’t absorbed and used effectively by our bodies.

Just looking at these articles, what leaps out at me is their complete lack of physiology, chemistry and understanding of the difference between peptides and amino acids. I’ll get to this just now.

There is something else, they don’t realise either that creams with collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin because the peptides are too large – it’s impossible.  They are absorbed through the stomach, that’s why we take them.

The other thing is that they are subtly promoting vegetarian collagen (as if such a thing existed!). There’s no such thing…. sorry to break this to you, but it is what it is. Collagen is an animal-derived product from either beef or chicken (like my two Pure Hydrolysed Collagen and Type 2 Chicken Collagen), or pork and fish (pork I won’t touch due to feedlot farming and fish needs to be sustainably sourced – wild caught, low calcium, low sodium and MSC certified). You cannot get collagen from green leafy vegetables! You get LOADS of other benefits, but sorry, not collagen.  This comes from your meat and your bone broth.

You decide for yourself – as for me, I’ll never stop my fabulous, now-famous Pure Hydrolysed Collagen Powder!  Find it at – have it in your coffee and see whether you agree.