9 common signs your liver is in danger:

1. JAUNDICE: A condition known as jaundice occurs when waste builds up Eating whole food is a great start. Leave out sugar, refined carbs and any junk. Drink plenty of water. You would do well to take MILK THISTLE PREMIUMdaily tooin the body and bile pigment flows into your bloodstream. This is more of a problem with infants, but it can also occur in adults. This should be taken as a serious warning that something is up with your liver.
2. SWOLLEN ANKLES: When there’s a problem with the liver, heart or kidney, gravity causes fluid to build up in the lower extremities of the body, like the feet.
3. CHANGES IN APPETITE: Although appetite changes can stem from a number of underlying causes, it could also be from your liver. If your liver is struggling, you’ll lose your appetite. Or, if you’re eating a normal amount but your weight is noticeably decreasing, you should still consult with a physician
4. DIARRHOEA: A very common symptom related to liver problems. Realistically, whenever you have loose bowel movements regularly, they should not be ignored.
5. FREQUENT BRUISING: Proteins needed for blood clots are produced in the liver. So, when the liver is in trouble, protein levels decrease, making bruising and bleeding more frequent.
6. OVERWHELMING EXHAUSTION: If you feel drained every day at an abnormal rate, you could be dealing with liver problems. As waste builds in the liver, it leads to lower oxygen levels, leaving you feeling tired all the time.
7. DARK URINE: One great way to check liver health is by checking the colour of your urine. If it is dark and stools are lighter than normal, you should seek medical attention. Dark urine may exist for a variety of reasons, but liver damage could potentially be one.
8. RIGHT SHOULDER PAIN: Strangely enough, pain in your right shoulder can be from liver problems. If the pain is related to your liver, you might also get hiccups easily by putting pressure on your stomach.
9. PAIN IN YOUR BELLY AREA: If the pain stems from only your right ribs, you should consider that the pain could be coming from your liver.
10. REGULAR VOMITING BOUTS: It becomes far more difficult for our bodies to process foods and liquids when our livers fail. This will create unbelievable stress for our digestive systems.
11. PERSONALITY CHANGES: When the liver fails, more toxins build up in the bloodstream, and flow to the brain. This makes it very difficult to concentrate and we have trouble remembering things. There could also be rapid changes in sleeping habits.


Eating whole food is a great start. Leave out sugar, refined carbs and any junk. Drink plenty of water. You would do well to take MILK THISTLE PREMIUM daily too – as this regenerates, cleans, detoxifies and strengthens the liver. You’ll find it at https://sallyanncreed.co.za/shop


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Originally published on https://www.facebook.com/SallyAnnCreedSA/ in 2020.