Pumpkin Seed Pesto

I am a pesto lover of note – I can’t think of a thing that doesn’t go well with some or other pesto, and I’ve made pesto out of anything – literally anything – that can be pesto’d!

Try this Pumpkin Seed Pesto for something deliciously different this weekend.

What you need

• ¼ cup Pumpkin Seeds
• 1 large bunch of minced rocket, coriander or basil leaves
• Juice of half a lemon
• ½ a clove of fresh garlic, chopped (or a whole one you like garlic!)
• Pinch of Organic Himalayan Salt


Let's cook

1. No rocket science needed here! Put all into a blender or NutriBullet and puree.
2. Serve over a salad or zucchini noodles
Bon appetit!


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