Keto Cinnamon Pecan Cream

This Pecan cream makes a delicious snack or dessert.

Toasted pecans make a significant difference to the flavour and crunchiness of this dish

What you need

• 1 cup cottage cheese
• ¾ cup Greek yogurt
• ¼ cup heavy cream
• 55g pecans, toasted and chopped
• pinch sea salt
• 2 teaspoons good vanilla extract
• ½ teaspoons organic ground cinnamon
• Keto Sweet Zero to taste

Let's cook

  1. Place cottage cheese, yogurt, and heavy cream in a bowl and stir until completely mixed.
  2. Add chopped pecans, sea salt, vanilla extract, and ground cinnamon and stir to incorporate thoroughly.
  3. Taste and add Keto Sweet Zero as required for sweetness.

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