Almond Milk

There are masses of almond milk recipes on the internet, you can add vanilla, dates, oils and a host of other things.  However, we like to keep it simple, so this is how we make ours…

Golden Milk

Golden milk, often referred to as turmeric milk, is a soothing beverage crafted from a blend of ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties and sleep-enhancing benefits. Its distinctive golden color is derived from the inclusion of turmeric and ginger. This comforting elixir is reputed to possess calming qualities, largely attributed to its ability to alleviate […]

Healing Collagen Mushroom Soup

We love this quick and easy mushroom soup – it gives the sumptuous taste of mushrooms with a helping of protein and age-defying collagen in a bowl.  Mushrooms are great for immunity, and the collagen does loads of things as you know, not least it helps heal the lining of your gut, also helping you […]