The Best time to take your supplements

Lots of people ask me the Best time to take your supplements – so I hope this helps:

  • Vitamin Bs or Vitamin C – anytime you like, with or without food
  • Fat soluble nutrients (A, D, E, K2) – best with food and fats
  • D3 & K2 – try not to take these with dairy as the calcium will block uptake
  • Greens are best with fats, as chlorophyll is fat soluble
  • Enzymes just before you eat
  • Herbs can be taken at any time
  • Electrolytes better on an empty stomach (your minerals)
  • Probiotics before bed on an empty stomach

Why nutritional supplements are beneficial:

  1. Food isn’t what it used to be – food comes from far away, irradiated, old, loses nutrients
  2. Digestion – it’s about more than digestion, it’s about what we eat, digest, absorb and assimilate so more nutrients may be needed
  3. Environmental toxins like sprays – reduces nutrient content
  4. Nutrients are lost by the way we prepare food or eating a lot of processed food
  5. Stress – if you are stressed you need more nutrition
  6. Disease prevention

So eat GOOD whole food, and take your supplements. You’ll find high quality ones at


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Originally published on in 2020.