Skinny Collagen Soup

I’m repeating this post from March last year due to the huge popularity of this unique soup which has taken the country by storm. It’s my Skinny Collagen Soup – once you try it, you won’t want anything else – AND you get your collagen in at the same time – it’s made with Pure Hydrolysed Collagen.

The weather in Cape Town is starting to get REALLY cold now, so soups naturally spring to mind to warm us. Unlike me, some people don’t like collagen in their coffee. I know. It’s crazy, and I can’t understand it at all. My husband is one such case, so I had to come up with a way to get my husband to take his collagen without him realising it (sneaky because men “always know better”…). I developed a pure collagen consommé just for him! And – one that won’t cause weight gain, in fact just the opposite. He absolutely loves it (and he is super fussy).

The ‘instant’ stuff on the shelves is pretty toxic so either make your own thin soup/stock/broth and add my very Pure Hydrolysed Collagen, or take 1-2 spoons of my scrumptious Skinny Collagen Soup (SCS) and just add hot water! So easy! When I presented my husband with his first SCS with chopped fresh parsley from our garden sprinkled on top – that was it. I now have an addict on my hands. Mission accomplished!

The other thing he loves to add to his SCS is a few squished pieces of celery so the juice is just detectable. But even without it – it’s a meal for anyone on the run, to quell hunger pangs while not putting on weight, and it’s so delicious you may want seconds. It’s a fabulous meal replacement when you are stuck (or want to lose some weight). Great for kids at school on a cold day in a food flask. But because it’s a powder, you can take it in your bag/case and just add hot water – it’s so easy for a quick lunch anywhere, any time, it’s totally natural and it has my own mixture of organic herbs and spices with collagen.

Sometimes when we don’t feel like a big meal, just a salad, we’ll make ourselves a mug of SCS and have it as our “starter”. It blunts the appetite, provides us with superb quality protein and other excellent nutrition from the organic dried herbs & spices in my recipe, while still leaving room for our crunchy salad. You don’t have to wait for winter to try Skinny Collagen Soup – we didn’t ????. It fills you and is a great way of banishing hunger when a snack attack rears it’s ugly head.

Sometimes in the evenings before bed we might have a mug of steaming Skinny Collagen Soup instead of tea, or in the afternoon if we feel like it at tea time – actually anytime will do…. It’s always a winner in our home. If you want to lose some weight (or NOT put on this winter!) have a cup of SCS instead of lunch, and take my BRILLIANT Berberine Complex and you’ll lose quite a few kilos while getting your body super-healthy in the process.

Please share your experience with this soup – I’d love to hear. Stay warm in this cold weather!!!

(originally posted on Facebook)