Natural Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women

HairgenX is a completely natural range of DHT blocking hair loss products for men & women.  This amazing range of safe, natural hair-growth products are scientifically researched to combat Androgenetic Alopecia.  At different times of our lives, both men and women can experience hair loss.  These products SAFELY inhibit the production of the destructive androgen DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which has been proven to be the primary cause of hair loss, especially in men with male-pattern baldness, and in women with PCOS.  Some women also suffer from male-pattern baldness.

For Male Pattern Baldness/Hair Loss & Female-Pattern Hair Loss:

HairgenX provides vital nutrients to stimulate hair growth by extending the natural Anagen growth phase of follicles. This results in healthier stronger hair. Not only for hair loss and thinning hair but for those with significant hair loss issues. Both genders looking for thicker healthier hair have reported excellent results after a three-month period with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

The drug-based version of DHT-blocking prescription medication (Finasteride) comes with a lot of side effects, including loss of libido in both men and women, however the Fenugreek seed extract has the opposite effect in both men and women according to scientific research.

The HairgenX Hair Loss Treatment Program is designed to combat hair loss from within the body using supplements, as well as externally. Hairgenx COCO Massage Oil should be used topically together with the supplements. This product is extremely effective at restoring FOLLICLE HEALTH as well as being excellent at repairing and nourishing damaged hair.

HairgenX consists of capsules, a scalp massage cream (can leave it on), and shampoo & conditioner.  Capsules for Him & Her, taken daily together with the massage cream will yield results in 3 months.

Hairgenx Natural herbal shampoo and conditioner do not remove natural hair oils; unlike detergent based products that can strip up to 80% of these vital oils. For optimum long term results, continuous use is recommended.

Start Treatment Early. Follicles that have already been destroyed by DHT cannot be revived.

Interesting Fact:

Fenugreek Seed Extract (the main active in all these Hair Loss Treatment products) is a primary food ingredient in countries such as India and Turkey. Inhabitants of these countries are known for their thick lustrous hair, and natural hair extensions exports. Tropical countries with a high consumption of coconut in their diet, as well as a high use of the oil as a conditioner, (as per HairgenX COCO) exhibit similar lustrous hair.



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Originally published on in 2020.

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