Milk Thistle Premium is essential for the holidays!

Over the festive season, there is often the temptation to over-indulge – perhaps a little too much champagne and Christmas pudding or even just eating out more frequently, especially if you drink alcohol.

We underestimate the massive effect this can have on the liver. Milk Thistle Premium offers powerful liver support during this time and even treats liver problems by allowing the production of glutathione to protect and regenerate the liver. It also detoxifies all the extra foods safely via the liver. I developed a powerful, very PURE supplement a while back called Milk Thistle Premium because I was tired of the additives, fillers and excipients in the products on the shelves.

It has a full 500mg of pure milk thistle, nothing added. You will find Milk Thistle available at your local @sallyann_creed stockist or online.

Apart from protecting the liver, Milk Thistle Premium also:

Supports weight loss

Reduces insulin resistance

Reduces cholesterol

Promotes skin health

Improves allergic asthma symptoms

Limits the spread of cancer

Supports bone health

Is a glutathione precursor – the body’s most important antioxidant

And there are MANY more benefits.

Dosage: 1-3 a day for really good health