How to restore healthy gut flora

As a human being, you are only 10% “you”. All the rest of your genes are supplied by bacteria living in and on you. Making up the other 90%  our own cells are outnumbered 10 to one by microscopic organisms which are ‘other’ and yet crucial to our existence. Hence healthy gut flora is vital. We also each have our own unique “bacterial fingerprint”. This is a combination of the many different microbial species and strains which exist and colonise our bodies. No two people have the same combination of species.

We could not survive without this group of microorganisms in our bodies. This group of microorganisms is known as the “microbiome” and it inhabits every nook and cranny of our bodies. Ageing, antibiotics, medication, unhealthy diet and stress all disrupt the delicate balance in our microbiome, sometimes with devastating effects.

MaxiFOS is a powerful prebiotic which serves to feed and encourage implantation by the fragile strains of healthy bacteria derived from food and MaxiBiotic 20. There are 10 strains of bacteria in this probiotic, which are enormously helpful in restoring a healthy gut flora and microbiome. Once your gut is happy it is evident your entire body and brain will be too.

Take 1-5 teaspoons of MaxiFOS daily (in food, beverages or on it’s own), and 1 x MaxiBiotic 20 daily. All ages, and watch for results.



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Originally published on in 2020.