Beyond Food – Be Happy!

Beyond Food – Be Happy!

Laughter has always been known as the best “natural medicine” for the heart and there is compelling research to prove it. Happier people live longer – they just do – Be Happy! Positive emotions have been linked with better health, longer life, and greater well-being in many scientific studies according to Harvard Medical School. On the other hand chronic anger, worry, and aggression increase the risk of developing heart disease. So why not give yourself some good reasons to laugh a little more each day.

Make it part of your healthy living and anti-ageing secret?


Some positive effects of laughter:

  • Improves blood flow. Researchers at the University of Maryland showed people comedies and dramas and later compared the impact of each activity on blood vessels. Those who watched the drama tended to be tenser. Hence resulting in restricted blood flow while those who watched the comedies had blood vessels that expanded and constricted normally.
  • Improves Immunity. Experts have found that stress – especially chronic stress – has a big impact on our immune systems. It makes us more vulnerable to illness. Happiness and good sense of humour can elevate the level of infection-fighting antibodies and immune cells, making illness less likely.
  • Lowers blood sugar. A study of people with diabetes found that blood sugar levels were lower after they laughed at a comedy than after a drama, even though the subjects had eaten the same meal before each event.
  • Easier rest and relaxation. You will relax more and sleep a lot better.



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Originally published on in 2020.