Are you collagen deficient?

In the same way that eggs ‘bind’ cake ingredients together when you make a cake, so collagen is the ‘glue’ or binding agent which holds your cells together so effectively. Collagen enables your skin to move flexibly, and to bounce back into place when you press it. Now – just imagine this glue “drying up” over time as it does as we age, and that’s precisely what starts happening once you get into your 30’s and 40’s.

Eventually, you may not have enough collagen in your skin or joints to do the job which leads to all sorts of collagen-deficiency problems such as:

  • Stiff, achy joints – have you ever walked up the stairs and your knees start cracking? Or when you stand up, your hips crack? If your bones crack frequently, you could be deficient in collagen.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines start becoming evident – if you’re losing collagen, you’re losing the glue holding your body together. Your skin loses its elasticity, so fine lines and wrinkles begin to show in your face and hands.
  • Unexpected weight gain – because collagen is LOADED with gelatine, a gut-healing nutrient, it heals the gut. Now if you have a leaky gut, you pack on the pounds so much easier, plus it’s that much harder for you to lose weight. Heal your inflamed gut with collagen to support weight loss.

I highly recommend my unique non-GMO, grass-fed Pure Hydrolysed Collagen powder – or if you prefer capsules – my Beauty Bullets (collagen-filled capsules).



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Originally published on in 2020.

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