5 ways Collagen boosts thyroid health

We have SO many messages and testimonies of people who have had amazing results with our Pure Hydrolysed Collagen regarding thyroid health and function.  

Glycine is the main protein building block in collagen and research shows most of us are deficient.  Glycine is essential for healthy thyroid health and function and metabolism as a whole and collagen is massively rich in glycine.

So here are just some ways collagen helps your thyroid health:

1. Collagen balances other PROTEINS in the body.  Remember we MUST HAVE protein for a healthy thyroid gland (if you are suffering, here’s one quick way to improve it). In hypothyroid patients, tryptophan is converted to serotonin. This suppresses thyroid function further (by increasing other thyroid-suppressing hormones like cortisol and estrogen).  This is where collagen comes to the rescue – there is NO tryptophan in collagen – that is just one reason it is so beneficial to the thyroid.

2. Collagen lowers CORTISOL in hypothyroidism, which lowers stress levels.  Stress hormones block the conversion of T4 to T3 (the active hormone) in the liver – collagen boosts the liver’s ability to convert T4 to the active T3 form by lowering cortisol. Amazing.

3. Collagen lowers ENDOTOXIN, a thyroid-suppressive substance over-produced by intestinal bacteria – usually found in hypothyroidism. It over-burdens the liver, prevents detoxification of estrogen and cortisol and prevents healthy liver detoxification. Collagen is the most wonderful liver detoxifier.

4. Collagen boosts thyroid and METABOLIC RATE by regulating BLOOD SUGAR. Almost all of us need to be on a lower carb diet for good health. However hypothyroid sufferers do need more carbs in their diet – it’s a fact. The worst thing you can do if hypothyroid is to go into ketosis.  

Collagen helps to regulate blood sugar as you transition to a lower carb diet, as it will enable you to metabolise carbs without the need for extra insulin, and it will prevent a rise in blood sugar. 

Most hypothyroid sufferers are (or become) insulin resistant – and they have been shown to have more than 26% less glycine than they need – another reason glycine-rich collagen is helpful to hypothyroid and diabetic patients.

5. Lastly, collagen improves the thyroid’s ability to USE T3.  Having adequate levels is not enough – you need to be able to UTILISE this T3. Collagen also helps to restore insulin sensitivity and help you reverse insulin resistance.

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