3 great ways to use banana peels


  1. WARTS: Slice a small square of the peel, place it on the wart with the fleshy side down, place a piece of plaster over it. Banana peels are packed with beneficial virus-killing enzymes that penetrate the root of the growth, so you don’t have to get it frozen off. And because the nature of banana peels keeps the skin soft, it minimizes scarring.
  2. REMOVES SPLINTERS: The same enzymatic reaction that is used for treating warts can be useful in helping to remove those hard-to-reach pieces of wood. Tape a slice of banana peel fleshy side down over the splinter and leave for 15 minutes. This will pull it closer to the surface of the skin. Thus making it easier for you to remove it in one go.
  3. GOOD FOR YOUR COMPOST: By adding banana peels to your compost, instead of throwing them away, you deliver all these wonderful nutrients back into the soil.