Are you confused yet? If so I hope this will help to clarify the different sorts of collagen products under my label.

1. Pure Hydrolysed Collagen – is type 1 & 3 collagen. This particular collagen is bovine (beef) and is the purest collagen in the country by far. It is grass-fed and GMO-free, tasteless, fabulous in coffee (of course), and is the best-selling collagen product in South Africa today.
2. Super CollagenT2 – this is type 2 collagen and of chicken origin. Type 2 is only found in chicken and fish, but I speak out strongly against consuming fish/marine collagen for a number of reasons – it is often farmed (antibiotics) and secondly even if pure – fish collagen is way too high in calcium, which can cause calcification of the arteries, brain and other soft tissue. So I only recommend this very high quality chicken collagen.
3. Beauty Bullets – these are merely capsulated Pure Hydrolysed Collagen. I jokingly call this collagen for ninnies! For those who don’t like the taste, you can now take it in capsules.
4. Skinny Collagen Soup – this is an utterly delicious mixture of a lot of mostly organic herbs and spices, plus collagen – which you can take in a soup and which not only tastes like a cup of warming soup, but also gives you your daily collagen quota.
5. Collagel – I was asked for a more affordable version of collagen, and while the ORIGINAL Pure Hydrolysed Collagen is used here, I have added in some Prebiotic powder to make it go further and taste much better. It also lowers the price.
6. Colla-Joint Plus – this was originally called Canine Collagen Restore for your cats and dogs, but I was advised that legislation is coming to prevent the sale of animal foods without registration. I applied 10 months ago and sigh, this country, it is STILL not passed, so I renamed it as above! It’s the same product, and while it was put together for dogs with Pure Hydrolysed Collagen, a Probiotic for their gut and MSM for the joints – many humans take it (they are all human-grade ingredients) – it just doesn’t taste as nice due to the MSM.
7. Gelatine – last but not least, my fantastic brand of gelatine can be used instead of collagen (though not as well absorbed) if you are strapped for cash. It can also be added to your dog food.

I hope that clarifies things for you? Now, which one do YOU use, and have you found it/them helpful? I’d love to know. You’ll find them all here.