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Luke’s Story – the story of a little boy’s healing

I am so thrilled to be able to share Luke’s story with you.

Little Luke was born in Nov 2013, and in the words of his dad, “from day one, he never slept. In the middle of the night, he made guttural noises with his throat, noises like a baby goat. He couldn’t sleep lying down and so, had to be carried everywhere. It took a huge toll on us as parents. We were afraid to go to sleep at night because we knew the nightmare that lay ahead.

Luke was diagnosed with Acid Reflux disorder. The paediatrician prescribed a proton pump inhibitor drug (PPI) which basically it kills the parietal cells in the stomach to stop them producing acid. 17 Months later, Luke was on 9 different medications, all of which were to deal with side effects of not producing stomach acid. Faecal compaction, anemia, cramps, constipation, thrush… to name just a few.”  At 18 months Luke was taken back to the paediatrician, still not sleeping, and his PPIs were increased with the news that “Luke might be on these drugs for the rest of his life”.

We know in the world of nutrition that reflux is actually caused by low stomach acid, so when Luke’s dad approached me for help, my heart went out to Luke.  His dad says “I had recently seen a presentation by Sally-Ann Creed on Nutrition and my experience of her was that she genuinely cares about people’s health and well-being. Not like most doctors of today, who seem to be doctors for the sake of their own ego. So I found her information on the internet and emailed her. She confirmed that acid reflux is generally caused by low stomach acid and assured me that she had already treated many children with this disorder. I signed up with her program immediately.”

“It wasn’t easy at first, but after 2 weeks, Luke had dropped 6 of the 9 drugs he was on and doing much better. After a further 2 weeks he was off all his meds. Sally-Ann led us through every step of the way, she always responded and provided a “lifeline” . She was always helpful and patient and very confident. Whether it was the tone of her voice or the words she used, I cannot say, but I really felt that her advice came from a strong base of experience.”

And here’s the part I LOVE: “Luke is now better, he is happy and hardly gets sick. His sleeping has improved substantially. We are no longer afraid to fall asleep. I often recommend Sally-Ann to people with various ailments, including, diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, etc”.  Luke’s dad has been so generous in his kind words about me, but at the end of the day the brave parents are the ones who actually took the bull by the horns, and did the work.  I’m SO proud of them both – they saved their little boy from a world of hurt.

Luke’s dad concludes: “Our wish is that anyone else who is battling as we did, with their children, parents, or even themselves. With whatever ailment and for however long. We hope you will call Sally-Ann Creed. We really believe that she has the answer for almost every ailment you can think of. We really hope that you have the courage to look beyond the boundaries of Medicine and look at the possibilities of nutrition. With Sally-Ann’s help you will achieve optimum health.”

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