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In stock

Super Sinex) is one of Panaxea’s oldest and most successful formulas to help stimulate the body’s natural defenses to head colds and acute or chronic allergies. This large formula of 17 oriental herbs may help relieve nasal and sinus discomfort caused by allergic responses and colds.*


  • Temporary relief from sinus discomfort*

  • Promotes nasal, sinus and respiratory health*

  • Supports immune Health*

Suggested Use: 4 capsules 3-4 times daily. Combine with Flu)Ex for common cold with head-cold.

Caution:  Use with caution in patients with stomach ache.

Warning: Radix Bupleuri (chai hu) should be considered contraindicated in the treatment of solid tumors, but not necessarily for hematological cancers. A research article by Shyu et al., (2004) indicated that chai hu promotes endothelial cells growth, migration and angiogenesis and therefore should be cautioned in its use. Note that this was for one fraction while other fractions may have differing effects.


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