Nasal Spray - Xlear 45ml

Every single day‚ you’re exposed to germs‚ allergens‚ and pollutants. The nose tends to breathe them all in‚ which may cause you discomfort in your nasal passages. Fortunately‚ Xlear Sinus Care Spray is here! It’s unique because it’s the only sinus/nasal spray that contains xylitol. This xylitol nasal spray provides significant levels of the natural sugar alcohol in order to promote increased effectiveness with few side effects.

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Unlike other nasal sprays‚ Xlear Sinus Care Spray is formulated to be non-addictive. The saline wash element helps hydrate‚ soothe‚ and moisturize your nasal passages‚ while working to remove uncomfortable and annoying residue in the nose. Instead of using chemical decongestants or antihistamines‚ the hyper-osmotic blend of Xylitol and saline solution keeps your sinuses clean and moist‚ which may protect them from future attack from outside contaminants. As a result‚ it may also relieve mild nasal pressure.

Each pump-mist bottle of Xlear Sinus Care Spray contains one-and-a-half ounces of solution. The only other ingredients in this natural sinus spray are grapefruit seed extract and purified water‚ which lets you breathe easy in more ways than one. It can also work with other Xlear products


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